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www.gnomisas.com by S. CHR SOFTWARE DEVELOPMENT

1) What is www.gnomisas.com;

It is the service that carried out surveys via the web. The surveys concern your business, your profession, politics, trade unionism, education, economy, market movements, health, ecology, society, etc. The presentation of the results and statistical diagrams are generated automatically by www.gnomisas.com. The service allows the originator of the survey to create the questionnaire, which will be answered via the Internet by the selected sample (closed survey) or from any number of different non-selected individuals (open survey).

2) To whom addressed the service www.gnomisas.com and who can use it?

It is aimed at everyone (individual, company or organization, etc) who wants to carry out a survey on a particular topic.

3) What is the difference between an open and a closed survey?

In open surveys, anyone can answer any questionnaire which is on the web pages of www.gnomisas.com. In closed surveys, people who will participate in answering the questionnaire have been choosen by the originator of the survey. Our office sends the requested number of codes to be distributed by the originator of the survey to the choosen individuals in order to gain access to the system and answer the questionnaire.

4) What are the advantages of the service www.gnomisas.com and why should I use it?

  • Has low charge.

  • Surveys are not based on prefabricated questionnaires, as in other similar types of web services. They are created easily and simply by the originator of the survey without requiring specific knowledge of computer use.

  • With a type of survey called ''closed'', the originator of the survey can choose the sample that will answer the questionnaire. Statistically, this is particularly important.

  • In the classical method, where the answers are given over the telephone, the process has some drawbacks, such as: a) usually, he who is called to answer the questionnaire is not prepared to do so. His thought remains where he had been interrupted. So hurry to finish as soon as possible, to continue his work. Therefore the answers given during a process that usually ends in 5 to 20 minutes are rather careless. With the web service www.gnomisas.com, the participants decide themselves when to respond. Their attention is focused on the question, they have the comfort of time and can break and continue answering the questionnaire any time later on. b) There is no anonymity in telephone surveys. Using www.gnomisas.com, anonymity is fully respected c) During a telephone survey, the originator has no picture for the emerging trend in the questions that have been answered. Using www.gnomisas.com, the originator of the survey knows at any time the formation of the results while the survey is underway. So, he knows the trend that gradually formed in every question until the survey will be terminated. d) If the originator of the survey has its own website, then he can embed a hyperlink to direct the visitor of his page, straight to the questionnaire. This feature does not exist when using the classical method.

5) Does the pc of the originator of the survey need special equipment? Does the pc of the respondent, needs special equipment in order to use www.gnomisas.com?

You need a computer to work with the Windows operating system and access to the Internet.

6) Do the originator of the survey or the respondents should have specific knowledge about surveys?

No specific knowledge needed. The handling is very easy and simple.

7) How much will I be charhed? On what does it depend? How to pay?

The payable amount is determined automatically by the system and depends on the number of questions, the type of the survey (open or closed) and on the number of the days that the survey will be underway. The originator of the survey should deposit the required amount, in accordance with the instructions of the system.

8) Can someone answer the same questionnaire several times?

In closed surveys, each code permits a unique participation. In open surveys, the ip address is recorded and cookies are used in the web browser to prevent multiple participation.

9) Can I stop answering the questionnaire and continue later?

Yes, you can.

10) How the originator can achieve greater public participation in the survey?

The originator of the survey can offer incentives in the form of prizes which will be drawn at a predetermined date. Those who answered all the questions in the questionnaire will participate in the draw and can see the offered prizes and the outcome of the draw, through the website www.gnomisas.com. The draw will be conducted by the originator of the survey through options provided by the system.

11) How the originator receives the results of the survey?

The results are automatically calculated by the system. The originator may monitor via special software the results while the survey is underway, as well as the final results when the survey is terminated. The statistical diagrams can be printed.

12) For how long time are the results of the survey available to the originator?

Statistical diagrams are available for 6 months after the date of termination of the survey.

13) Does anyone other than the originator of the survey can access the questionnaire?

The originator uses username and password to obtain access to the system. Therefore, only he can edit the questionnaire and only he knows the results of the survey.

14) How anonymity is achieved?

The system records only the answers not the names of the respondents. Participation in the survey is anonymous.

15) Is there any limit to the number of questions and the number of corresponding answers that may have a questionnaire?

There is no limit.

16) Can the originator of the survey stop and resume later the compilation of the questionnaire?

Yes, he can.

17) Can the originator carry out simultaneously several different surveys via www.gnomisas.com?

Yes, he can.

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