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With the web service www.gnomisas.com, you can create any kind of survey in various research fields, quickly, simply and affordably. Visit www.gnomisas.com using Internet Explorer and create your questionnaire with a very simple way. When people begin to respond the questionnaire, you will be able to monitoring the emerging trend and the continuously changing statistical diagrams that correspond to each question, until the day the survey will be completed. Then, you will have the full picture and the results of the survey.

You can create a wide variety of questionnaires, covering any type of survey related to your business, your profession, politics, trade unionism, education, economy, market movements, health, ecology, society, etc. From these research studies you may have valuable conclusions on the topic you are interesting in. The presentation of the results and statistical diagrams are generated automatically by the service
www.gnomisas.com . These can only be accessed by the originator of the survey who holds the passwords.

You can choose between an
open and a closed survey.

  • In open surveys anyone may answer the questionnaire.

  • In closed surveys, people who will answer your questionnaire, are choosen by the originator of the survey.

The questionnaire can be answered only once from a particular person. The system is designed to prevent the artificial shaping of the results due to multiple participation of a specific person in the same survey.

The originator of the survey, in order to achieve greater public participation in answering the questionnaire, may provide incentives in the form of prizes that will come up on a drawn at a specified date. Those who answered all the questions in the questionnaire, participate in the draw and can see the offered prizes and results through the web pages of
www.gnomisas.com. The draw is carried out by the originator of the survey through options provided by the web pages of www.gnomisas.com.

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